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Paddock Road Elementary School

Paddock Road Sixth Grade Sendoffs

Posted April 20, 2020. All sixth grade students will be recognized by the Paddock Road staff. Each day two messages will be sent out to students congratulating them on their time at Paddock. With parent approval, they will also be posted here, Twitter and Facebook. Congratulations to Paddock Road sixth graders and Westside class of 2026!


Saydee R. 
Emma K. 
Evlyn J.
Savana H. 
Adreanna G.
Brandon H.
Matthew J. 
Vincent. D
Olivia H.
Lily H.
Lexi B.

Max C

Malachi H.

Gwen G.

Baylee H. 

Grant R. 

Madalann R. 

Keelan M.

Will M.

Jaxen W.

Brynn L. 

Sunnie C.

Nick H.


Erin F 

Devin G. 

Ruth O


Yesenia B

ELEMENTARY | Start 8:40 - Dismiss 3:30 ( Wednesdays | Dismiss 3:00 )